We have a good customer support system. You could contact with our related functional department according to your requirement.

1. Sale Department

Sales department contacts with customers directly. You could get all-round excellent service from our sales department when you need help in buying products. There are retailer service and wholesaler service online.
Or  just leave messages in our website.

2. Customer service center

Customer service center will provide you with all-round after-sale service. The center deals with friendly feedbacks, reasonable suggestions, complaints and valuations of our working performance from customers.
Your support will improve the quality of our service greatly. We are glad to accept your suggestions.

3. Logistics center

Logistics center is in charge of the orders processing, stock management and production dispatching. 

4. Financial department

Financial department deals with the payment from the customers.
Attention: Our logistics center and financial department only provide service for wholesalers. They communicate with the logistics center and financial department of wholesalers.